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Fundraising Campaign

Our 2021


is now Live!

...has been postponed due to personal setbacks.

We apologize and appreciate your ongoing support.

In the meantime please feel free to place a concessions order or make a financial contribution.

Thank you all.

The Little Prince Team

Thank you for investing in the future of the arts!

We're glad you asked! The Little Prince is a popcorn shop, lounge, screening room, intimate event space, and production studio designed to enrich the community by breathing life into adventurous and unconventional arts programming via our ten seat "micro-cinema" and its accompanying "Lobby Lounge & Theatre Concession." The Little Prince's screening room is affectionately referred to as...


This was a distinction we were making official with the support of Guinness World Records when we were shut down in late 2020.


The Little Prince was designed and built in the Spring of 2019 by Leigh Cooney, alongside several friends, family members, filmmakers, artists, and a loving community. We are a "Social Enterprise," meaning we operate on a community-before-profits model. Your generous contributions keep us alive and fighting. Thank you for that!

"The World's Smallest Movie Theatre!"

What is the

Little Prince?

Who are we?

We are a just a couple of creative entrepreneurs passionate about the intersection of art and social justice. Our goal is to strengthen the fabric of communities by hosting tiny, unconventional, experiences. At the heart of the project are these two workhorses:

Leigh Cooney

is an Irish-born Canadian artist, social-entrepreneur, dedicated father to two wonderful children, and the devilishly handsome founder of the little Prince.

He really likes movies, small stuff, and peanut butter. 

Tired of bland homogenized culture, Leigh's goal is to bring new ideas to life by taking risks and inspiring exciting collaborations between individuals, small businesses, and community organizations.

Carla Coles

is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, poet, screenwriter, and "woman-about-town." She is enthusiastic about donuts. If you've ever enjoyed our world-famous popcorn you have Carla to thank.

How much do we need? All of it. All the funding. 

We are a small social-enterprise, meaning we operate on a community-before-profits model, and we have frankly had a s**t run of luck this last year. 

We are building something completely new. A small unconventional space for hosting small unconventional events. All for the most intimate of audiences. 


Unconventional programming is not exactly lucrative. That's why so few want to take a chance on it. Well damn it, we do, and we think that's worth investing in. We hope you agree.






You work hard for your money. 

so Where the heck are we investing it anyway?

$0 - $10,000 = Survival

First things first. We have kids. That means keeping a roof overhead and food on the table. Help us ensure we get through this lock-down and ongoing pandemic while allowing us some breathing room to develop all the awesome things above.

Throughout this quiet time we will carry on, as we have these last several months, working around the clock to:

1. Further ensure the Little Prince is absolutely 100% safe and welcoming in time for your return. 

2. Finalize our attempt to become the Guinness World Record title holder for "Smallest Movie Theatre in the World."

Lastly we have some surprises we're excited to unveil in the coming weeks including our small commercial kitchen which will allow us to expand on our concessions menu and maybe (fingers crossed,) allow us to serve alcohol at some point in the future, AND introduce the world to Little Prince TV. Woot!

$15 - $20,000 = Pay all the People

+ produce some awesome content

We don't have all the skills or the time. Help us invest in the good folk who do. Without them there is no Little Prince. Which skills? Check out the Holiday Arts Reel for a sense of what can be done when the Little Prince collaborates with amazing filmmakers and uber talented creatives. 'Nuf said. 

$20 - $30,000 = Little Prince TV

What are we going to do with all that awesome content we've produced? Well until such time as we're allowed to invite you all back into the space (and beyond that if the feedback is positive,) we're going to upload it to own online streaming channel, Little Prince TV (LPTV.) This will involve hiring a web developer as well as paying royalties to short filmmakers and more.

Check out the pilot project here!

$30,000 and beyond =

Change the future!

If we get to this point in our fundraising campaign? Well first of all THANK YOU !!!

Here's where things get amazing. Remember that our goal is not the accumulation of "profits," so all

income generated from here on will be invested into brand new creative content and unique experiential opportunities for our local and extended communities. There isn't

remotely enough space here to do our list of ideas justice but you can check out some of the highlights here:

(Link coming asap.)

Join us and

Let's make history together

Questions? We'd love to hear from you:

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