Covid-19 Support!

Jan. 05 2020

From automatic hand dryers, sanitizer dispensers, and doors, to sinks and ventilation the STAT funding was profoundly helpful. However it is our plexi-glass dividers that are our pride and joy. We feared they may take away from the "Roaring Twenties Meets the Victorian Era" aesthetic we have worked so hard to build...

But we believe we pulled it off in the end. Designed and built in house our "Concession" and "Box Office" service areas are now not only safer, but approximately 14x cooler than before. We can't wait to show you in person. Thanks everyone involved!

Grant Funding for Covid-19

Dec. 31 2020

A very special thank you to Invest Stratford and the Federal Economic Agency of Southern Ontario for the support in choosing us as a recipient for the Stratford Tourism Alteration & Transformation (STAT) Grant in late 2020. With their support we were able to invest in a variety of projects which will make the Little Prince safer for our staff and all of you good folk in our extended community as we finally transition into what we hope will soon be a post-pandemic world. More in our next post!


Stratford Beacon Herald

Dec. 26 2020

Huge shout out to the Beacon Herald for their article on the Holiday Arts Reel and the challenges facing the Little Prince. So much amazing talent involved with this project. Thank you everyone who took part, and of course the biggest thanks go to Claire of York Lane Art Collective and Kris von Kleist.

The Holiday Art Reel can be rented online by by visiting www.yorklaneartcollective .ca

Our fundraising effort, as mentioned in the article, will hopefully begin New Years Day. But first my kids. And sledding. And catching up on Christmas. - Leigh

Stratford Beacon Herald Holiday Arts Reel Article.jpg