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Concession Treats!

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Popcorn & Cotton Candy

When the pandemic hit in 2020 we wasted no time in responding to the needs of the community in the only way we knew how... by powering up our popcorn and cotton candy machines! Within a week we had begun delivering fresh treats to local families stuck inside. Over the course of the pandemic, our pop-up side business turned into our saving grace - and we were able to put smiles on a lot of faces at a time when we all needed a reason to smile more. This made our hearts swell. Thank you for that!!

Today We continue to produce several kinds of gourmet handmade popcorn alongside over SIXTY (and counting) flavours of cotton candy!

Are you looking for some authentic theatre popcorn for your next movie night, or a popular and cost effective way of raising funding for a good cause? We would love to help.


visit our Online Concession today!

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Adapting to an uncertain future by looking to the past!

The next step? To produce brand-new creative content alongside micro-festivals and competitions which we hope will encourage and inspire a new generation of artists to experiment with an unconventional micro-project of their own.


Among our production plans are short films, unusual live performances, and a comedic “Variety Show” to be hosted on-site here at the Little Prince in Stratford, Ontario.

The Little Prince is many things to many people.


At it's core is a cine-themed café serving coffee and tea alongside a variety of classic sweets and snacks. 

It's a place where an ever-changing menu of popcorn and cotton candy is made fresh in-house, and loose candy is weighed in front of you like it was in the "good ol' days."

It's a café that welcomes food provided by our friends in neighbouring restaurants.


It's a place where short films are celebrated all day long in an intimate screening room affectionately referred to as the "World's Smallest Movie Theatre." (With your support we are actually working towards being recognized as such by Guinness World Records.)

But above all it's a living, breathing, art project, constantly evolving along with the community that surrounds it. 


And yes, it's a place where you and your nearest & dearest, your social bubble, your family, your closest friends, can gather comfortably for your own intimate event.

For just a few hours you can take off that mask, breath in the smell of fresh movie theatre popcorn, and forget about the world outside. 

As a “social enterprise,” we choose to forego the traditional pursuit of profits, preferring instead to measure the success of our small business by its contributions to the betterment of the community at large, both locally, and via Stratford’s position as a cultural tourism destination, nationally or even internationally as well.

Although we operate on a not-for-profit basis, we are not a registered "non-profit," (too much bureaucracy,) and therefore do not qualify for the vast majority of funding available from arts organizations and government grants. 

Therefore, to allow us the freedom we need for experimental programming, we rely heavily on ongoing "micro" contributions from individual members of the community, sales of popcorn, cotton candy, and sweets, private event bookings, and sponsorships from other small-businesses.  

Those of you who are already committed, we salute you. Those of you who are committed to committing, please find your opportunity by: 


Reaching Out to Us 


Visiting us in Person



Ordering Online

THANK YOU in advance for your patronage! You are a beautiful person and we can't thank you enough!


An intimate “micro” event space, The Little Prince is dedicated to breathing life into small but adventurous ideas via provocative arts and educational programming.


Alongside our "Micro-Cinema" is our "Lobby Lounge." On it's miniature stage we host everything from speaking engagements and fringe musicians, to ventriloquists and other vaudeville era inspired entertainment for the most intimate of audiences.

Designed by founder Leigh Cooney, (dad, social-entrepreneur, painter, sculptor, curator, wedding officiant, and adorer of all things uncommon,) and operated alongside Carla Coles, (mom, writer, painter, and very good friend,) the space blends together antiquated design and decorating elements from the grandeur of Baroque to the opulence of Hollywood Regency. with elements of Pop Art and Pop-Culture thrown in.

This unusual yet strangely symbiotic recipe helps the space feel both antiquated and yet timeless. When combined with a program that focuses on unusual, underappreciated, experimental, and forgotten forms of art and category-defying events, you are left with a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.


Small Space, Big Ideas: 

Inspired by a life changing lecture presented by Grameen Bank Founder, Professor Muhammed Yunus, in 2005 during a trip to the United Arab Emirates for the Students Without Borders conference, Leigh has made it a life goal to find tiny solutions to big cultural challenges by emphasizing a need for offline real-world dialogue and engagement between members of the community by combining arts, culture, and education together with progressive entrepreneurialism.

Also popcorn & cotton candy. 

Because awesome.

Come. Eat. See. Hear. Speak. Listen. Engage.



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Little Prince TV


We want to delve further into producing and supporting independent talent by building an online streaming platform dedicated to short films, live (and pre-recorded) musical and theatrical performances, and more. To achieve this we need your financial support. Please see the pilot project concept



The Little Prince is brought to you by...

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