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Adapting to an uncertain future by looking to the past!

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What is the Little Prince? We're glad you asked! We are an old-timey "cinema," lounge, and intimate event space, designed to enrich the community by bringing people together again, in the real word, via our Guinness World Record holding twelve seat "micro-cinema" and accompanying "Lobby Lounge & Concession." We are very much analogue folk in a digital world.

We specialize in private, as well as public, film screenings!

The Little Prince was designed and built in the Spring of 2019 by Leigh Cooney, alongside several friends, family members, filmmakers, artists, and a loving community. We are a "Social Enterprise," meaning we operate on a community-before-profits model. We strive to leave the community a better place than when we found it.

Small Space
Big Ideas

The decor blends antiquated design and decorating elements from the Victorian era to the Roaring Twenties with elements of Pop-Culture. This unusual yet strangely symbiotic relationship helps the space feel both old-fashioned yet timeless and contributes to what is truly an immersive and unforgettable experience. Also popcorn & cotton candy. Because awesome. So please, come, See, Hear, Speak, Listen, & Engage. Or just relax and leave the worries of the world outside. 

Who are we?

Leigh Cooney


Leigh is an Irish-born Canadian social entrepreneur, painter, sculptor, designer, Wedding Officiant, proud dad, founder of the Little Prince, and adorer of all things uncommon and unconventional. 


Tired of bland, homogenized culture, Leigh's goal is to strengthen the social fabric of small communities, and to bring about big changes, one intimate, but meaningful, experience at a time.

much Like Willy Wonka or leprechauns, Spotting Leigh in the wild is a rare occurrence, But we promise that, like Willy Wonka and leprechauns, he does in fact exist.

Favourite movie? - once upon a time in the west.

Movie quote: "We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams." Willy Wonka / Arthur O'Shaughnessy

Carla Coles

Coming soon

Emily Bowman

Coming soon

Have you ever chuckled at one of our irreverent social media posts? Dan is the man behind that magic.

But He's also A multi-disciniplary creative powerhouse. When he's not hammering out amazing socials, dan can be found creating original works of art, appreciating pop culture history through his personal accounts, as well as writing, producing, and directing award winning comedic short films.

Dan also brings hard hitting news reports to the public in collaboration with famed reporter, Paul Drebber. Together, Paul and Dan are Drebbervision Productions.

favourite movie? Sweet Smell of Success

Favourite quote? "I'd buy that for a dollar!" (from Robocop)

Dan Wettlaufer

Brianna Dallner is a girl with a plan and Ambition.

She wandered into the Little Prince in 2022 and asked if we might be able to help her fulfill her High School volunteer Co-Op hours. She impressed us with her maturity and independent spirit. A year later Brianna continues to impress, albeit as an employee, and an integral part of our team.

Brianna's goals are to pursue her interests in music and photography. We know that whatever direction she takes she will be successful, as success comes to those who work hard, And Brianna works harder than many people twice her age.

favourite movie? dazed and confused

Brianna Dallner


Leslie Hoppenrath


While not originally from Stratford, Leslie feels like an integral part of our community as a member of the little Prince. Being surrounded by talented Coworkers/artists and guests, while learning how to run a successful small business (and snacking on delicious popcorn,) is extremely inspiring!

after 20 years as a Child and Youth Worker, Leslie is now making time for herself and loved ones, as well as pursuing her passion in screenwriting, and broadening her network in the film industry.

Aside from writing, she is looking forward to continuously exploring stratford and traveling around the world with her family.


Leslie loves analyzing movies and learning about the entire production process. rewatching classic films through the lens of our guests and being a part of their special occasions continues to warm her heart. 

Favourite movie? - About Time. a beautiful film (and reminder to embrace each day with gratitude and humour).

Not to blow our own horn or anything, but Boy do we ever know how to find 'em! Maddi is the latest fantastic addition to the little prince family. a film production graduate from the Toronto Film School, Maddi's long-term goal is land a behind-the-scenes-role in the film industry.

Maddi started working at The Little Prince because it was a unique role with a connection to the cinematic art form she loves.

She loves being given the opportunity to work alongside the other dedicated Little Prince team members and bringing detail focused cinematic experiences to the community.


favourite movie? Moulin Rouge!

favourite movie quote? “Choose Life" from Danny Boyle's trainspotting.

Maddi Forrest

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