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Thank you for investing in the future of the arts!

We're glad you asked! The Little Prince is a cinema themed cafe, olde timey sweet shoppe, and intimate event space, designed to enrich the community by breathing life into adventurous and unconventional arts programming via our twelve seat "micro-cinema" and its accompanying "Lobby Lounge & Theatre Concession." Our screening room is affectionately referred to as...

We have already begun for the official Guinness World Record but sadly Covid has slowed the process down... But of course we will definitely keep you all updated as things progress!!


The Little Prince was designed and built in the Spring of 2019 by Leigh Cooney, alongside several friends, family members, filmmakers, artists, and a loving community. We are a "Social Enterprise," meaning we operate on a community-before-profits model. Thank you for your support, it will never be forgotten!

"The World's Smallest Movie Theatre!"

What is the
Little Prince?

Little Prince TV

Celebrating the art of the short!


Welcome to LPTV, a curated online streaming project dedicated to shining a light on the vastly underappreciated art of the "short." Brought directly to you. Wherever you are.


The goal of Little Prince TV is to share our appreciation for micro-portions of unconventional yet accessible visual art (from film, puppetry, stand-up comedy and sketches, to theatre, live musical performance, and educational speakers,) with an emphasis on homegrown talent from across Canada. 

We're almost there, but these are challenging times, and we are a small organization. To finally launch this project we need your generous support!

LPTV is still in development: please scroll down to get a glimpse of how this project might look with your support, and if you have any questions or suggestions please reach out!

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A Little Prince Cinema Pilot Project

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Old-Time Radio Plays

Creeeek, boom, crash, zap! Before the internet, before podcasts, before TV sets... there was radio. From the 1930's to the 1950's radios brought adventure, mystery, comedy, music, news, sports, and drama into millions of homes around the globe.

At that time radios were still beautifully and meticulously designed and were given a place of honour in the family home. Families would gather around their "wireless," the same way we gather around our TVs today, and they'd let their imaginations transport them to alien planets, scenes of murder, faraway wars, or great music halls. We want to bring that back.

We have an extensive collection of "Old Time" radio dramas, period newscasts, and live performances in our collection. We've gently updated our old Tombstone radio, adding hidden wireless speakers to the inside of the cabinet.

So pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and settle in as we dim the lights and transport you back to a simpler time. Coming soon... with your support. 

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"World's Smallest Movie Theatre!"

Whether you call it a screening room, a cinema, a movie theatre, or an interactive art installation, the ten seat Little Prince "Micro-Cinema" is certainly unforgettable. 

Designed and built in the Spring of 2019 by Leigh Cooney, alongside several friends, family members, filmmakers, artists, and a loving community, the Little Prince may unwittingly become the perfect antidote to the post-pandemic blues.


As soon as the current restrictions are lifted we expect to be one of the only "movie theatres" in the world capable of operating at full capacity (easy peasy lemon squeezy when your capacity is only ten people!)

Check out some photos HERE!

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Tiny Stage

Stand-Up Comedy

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