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Become a Business Sponsor: Get Involved

at the Little Prince!

The Little Prince is a one-of-a-kind, "Micro-Cinema" & Lounge built to celebrate film and provide a space for the community to gather together safely, in small groups, to bond over a shared love of the cinematic arts.

A place where we can, for a short-time, allow ourselves to be transported back to a simpler era.

We've been acknowledged by hundreds of news outlets across North America,
from the CBC & Globe and Mail,
to a little nod from Stephen Colbert on the Late Show.

Our goal has always been affordability and accessibility for all. And what's more affordable... than FREE?!

So we are offering a limited number of sponsorship opportunities. These sponsorships will allow us to provide hundreds of FREE screenings and tickets throughout the year!

In many cases these screenings will be in collaboration with non-profit organizations that offer support for:

low-income families
women and children escaping violence at home
refugees and other newcomers to the community
special needs support groups
at-risk youth
the elderly
Indigenous peoples

and so many more.

We would  love for you to join us by becoming an ongoing sponsor.

If you have an idea for a specific movie, or theme, you'd like to get behind as a sponsor, please let us know! 

Thank you for your support of this unique little project!

Leigh Cooney

The Details


Provide us with a high resolution digital image (such as your business's logo) and a website or street address, and we will place it on-screen for our small but captive audiences as part of the "brought to you by" pre-show segment before every screening you sponsor. 

To get an idea of what the on screen logo would look like please see our sample online HERE:

From there we will tag your business or organization in a social media post (one for every screening you sponsor) to be shared with our thousands of Facebook and Instagram followers. 

Finally, we will add your business to our website under current partners for one month (or on an ongoing basis as the case may be.) 


Do you own a small business or organization?

We'd like to offer you a fun way to tell the world about the awesome
things you do! 

We can put your business on-screen, front and center, for our small but captive audiences!

Cinema Illustration PNG 2.png

Ok I'm Listening
Tell me more!

Option One!

Provide us with your name, or the name of your business or organization, and we'll add it to our Star Wars inspired, on-screen, scrolling credits, before every booking for entire month!

For As Little as $3.30 per screening!

Option Two!

Provide us with a high-resolution logo (and any relevant accompanying text) for your business or organization and we'll turn it into a 10 second, looping, on-screen video clip as part of our daily Pre-Show segment for an entire month!

For As Little as $5.50 per screening!

Option Three!

Provide us with a 1080p MP4 Video clip for your business or organization and we'll add it to our daily Pre-Show segment for an entire month!

For As Little as $6.50 per screening!

Thank you
To our current Partners!

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