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Bring a little joy to a family or friend in need by giving the gift of a movie night!


It's easy:

1. Click on the button below to pre-pay for a screening.

2. Let us know whether you have a specific recipient in mind or if you'd like us to find someone for you.


3. We will notify the recipient of your generousity (you may remain anonymous if you wish.)


4. We ask the recipient to choose a date, time, and movie.


5. We then supply complimentary popcorn and soft drinks to everyone in the group (up to thirteen guests.)










Those who know us know we love our community and that we're always trying to find ways to give back in small but meaningful ways. 


As a Social Enterprise we believe that Arts & Entertainment is secondary to only food and shelter and should be forever welcoming, accessible, and above all affordable, for every member of our community.

We try to keep our booking fees and concession prices as reasonable as possible, and we've been known to provide complimentary snacks and event bookings to folks who have found themselves, for whatever reason, struggling to go beyond just dinner on the table, and a roof overhead.


We know, all too well, what it's like to fall on hard times. We've been there. More often than we care to remember.

But, as affordable as the Little Prince may be, we recognize that private bookings remain an out-of-reach luxury for many, so we have been quietly providing heavily discounted, (or complimentary depending on the situation,) bookings to those whom we know deserve a night out but can't necessarily afford it.

Now we're calling on those of you comfortable doing so to join us in providing more opportunities. Together we can level the playing field!

***Corporate Sponsors***


Do you own a business? Please add your company name and we will feature you on-screen before every screening you purchase.


Looking to become an ongoing sponsor or advertiser? Click HERE.

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Select an item (Family Movie Nights include unlimited popcorn)

Thank you for making a difference in your community!

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