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Miles Monroe (Woody Allen) is a jazz musician and owner of the "Happy Carrot" health-food store in New York City's Greenwich Village. He went into the hospital in 1973 for a routine operation, which went wrong, leaving him relegated to 200 years of anonymous cryopreservation.[3] Two scientists in 2173 (played by Bartlett Robinson and Mary Gregory) illegally revive him. They are members of an underground rebellion at odds with the police state the United States had become after the massive destruction caused when "a man named Albert Shanker got hold of a nuclear warhead.". It is ostensibly ruled by a dictator known only as "The Leader", and about to implement a secret plan known as the "Aries Project". The rebels hope to use Miles as a spy to infiltrate and derail it, as he is the only member of the dystopian society without a known biometric identity.






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