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Toy Story 2

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Andy Davis is preparing to go to cowboy camp with his favorite toy Woody, but during Andy's playtime, Woody's arm tears. Andy decides to not take Woody, who is put on a shelf with Wheezy, a squeeze-toy penguin with a broken squeaker. When Andy's mother puts Wheezy in a yard sale, Woody rescues him; however, greedy toy collector Al McWiggin spots Woody outside and steals him. At Al's apartment, Woody meets Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete, and learns his model was the main character of Woody's Roundup, a 1950s children's television show. Al has collected an entire room full of Roundup memorabilia, but lacked a rare "Woody" doll. Pete explains a museum in Tokyo will pay for the complete collection, but without Woody the collection will be returned to storage. However, Woody still wishes to return to Andy.






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