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"A rose by any other name..."

If the Little Prince were a "movie theatre" it would be (to our knowledge,) the smallest of its kind in the world.

Unfortunately our use of the word "cinema" or "movie theatre" has now caused us to be shut down by local city officials.

It seems that these bureaucratic folks are finding it impossible to differentiate between our tiny space and a several hundred seat megaplex and we should therefore be held to the same standards. This of course would carry with it a profoundly expensive and completely unnecessary list of permits and "safety" requirements that would crush our little art project. Seventeen months after building the Little Prince we continue to fight for our right to exist under any name we choose.

Sadly this has also meant putting a hold on our goal of being officially recognized as the World's Smallest Purpose-Built "Cinema" by Guinness World Records.

Each time you support us by purchasing take-out treats from our "concession" you get us one step closer to welcoming the public back into our space. Thank you for that!

We will keep updating you on this debacle as it unfolds. Thank you for your patience. 

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We have licensing for over 15,000 feature length films for our screening room, but we specialize in the often underappreciated art of the short film.

If and when we are allowed to reopen we will once again offer Customized Rental opportunities for small groups (think family or "social bubble.") Contact us for more info. We'd love to hear from you. 

We have played host to film test screenings, family movie nights, retirement parties, "micro" weddings, first dates, anniversaries, and much more. Do you have an idea for a unique tiny event?

Send us an email!

In these troubling times don't we all want an intimate space for just our nearest & dearest? A place to relax? To escape? To forget for just a moment the cares of the world? We know we do.

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From our custom "antique" popcorn machine to our custom "antique" arcade machine (the Ludwig 2600.) From our tiny solo-performance stage to our curated collection of curiousities. Every inch of our Lobby Lounge was lovingly and meticulously handcrafted for an experiential opportunity you'll treasure.

The Little Little Prince's decor draws from the Baroque, Louis XIV, Victorian, and Hollywood Regency Eras, with just a sprinkling of Golden Age Science Fiction and Pop-Surrealism thrown in. It is both timely, and timeless, and conjures up a sense of nostalgia for a time in history that we all remember, but never existed. We exist in a kind of "alternate history," where everything was awesome.

"I think of it as the Roaring Twenties with a Victorian Hangover. Like Dorothy Draper, Salvador Dali, Walt Disney, Louis XIV, Al Capone, and Queen Victoria getting together for a few too many Dirty Martinis."

- Leigh Cooney


The Little Prince

The Lobby Lounge & Concession serves coffee, tea, classic movie theatre popcorn, house-spun cotton candy, soft-drinks, and candy by the Kilogram.

Ask us about booking the space for your intimate live events, birthdays, business meetings, Christmas parties, micro-weddings, and much more.

We're waiting...

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Take home our famous Old Fashioned Cotton Candy & Classic Movie-Theatre Popcorn or enjoy it in-house.

Because, to paraphrase a wise man, "one can not live on fruit and veg alone."

Delivery Options Available


The Little Prince

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