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We're glad you asked! The Little Prince is an old timey lounge, sweet shoppe, and intimate event space, designed to enrich the community by breathing life into adventurous and unconventional arts programming via our twelve seat "micro-cinema" and its accompanying "Lobby Lounge & Theatre Concession." Our screening room is affectionately referred to as...


In 2020 we began the process of becoming the official Guinness World Record holder... Updates will be coming soon.

The Little Prince was designed and built in the Spring of 2019 by Leigh Cooney, alongside several friends, family members, filmmakers, artists, and a loving community. We are a "Social Enterprise," meaning we operate on a community-before-profits model.

What is the
Little Prince?

Who are we?

We are a loose knit group of creatives & entrepreneurs passionate about the intersection of art and community. Our goal is to strengthen the social fabric of small communities by hosting tiny, unconventional, experiences.
At the heart of the project are these two workhorses:

Leigh Cooney

an Irish-born Canadian artist, social-entrepreneur, father, and Dreamer, & founder of the Little Prince.

Tired of bland homogenized culture, Leigh's goal is to bring new ideas to life through collaborations with individuals, small businesses, and community organizations.

Carla Coles

is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, poet, screenwriter, and "woman-about-town." She's the glue that holds this together.

What are we working on..?

Concession Treats!

Popcorn & Cotton Candy

When the pandemic hit in 2020 we wasted no time in responding to the needs of the community in the only way we knew how... by turning to our, (at that time brand new and untouched) popcorn and cotton candy machines! Within a week we had begun delivering fresh treats to local families stuck inside. One year later our pop-up side business has turned into our saving grace and we've put smiles on a lot of faces at a time when we all need a reason to smile. This makes our hearts swell. Thank you for that!!

We now make, deliver, and ship, several kinds of gourmet handmade popcorn alongside over SIXTY (and counting) flavours of cotton candy!

Are you looking for some authentic theatre popcorn for your next movie night, or a popular and cost effective way of raising funding for a good cause? We would love to help.


Click here to visit our Online Concession today!

Whether you call it a screening room, a cinema, a movie theatre, or an interactive art installation, the ten seat Little Prince "Micro-Cinema" is certainly unforgettable. 

Designed and built in the Spring of 2019 by Leigh Cooney, alongside several friends, family members, filmmakers, artists, and a loving community, the Little Prince may unwittingly become the perfect antidote to the post-pandemic blues.


As soon as the current restrictions are lifted we expect to be one of the only "movie theatres" in the world capable of operating at full capacity (easy peasy lemon squeezy when your capacity is only ten people!)

Check out some photos HERE!

Little Prince TV


We want to delve further into producing and supporting independent talent by building an online streaming platform dedicated to short films, live (and pre-recorded) musical and theatrical performances, and more. To achieve this we need your financial support. Please see the pilot project concept



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Let's make history together!

​In the interim we are working to raise funds for two new bathrooms on the ground floor, one of which will be wheelchair accessible, as well as a touchless and automatic front door opener, and much more.


Every time you purchase snacks from our concession or make a donation we get one step closer to opening the doors. 


The Little Prince is a passion project above all else. Operating on a not-for-profit model means we depend on small but generous investments like yours to survive. It's a challenge at the best of times but let's face it, we've had a s**t run of luck this last year or more.

We are building something completely new. A small unconventional space for hosting small unconventional events. All for the most intimate of audiences.

Questions? We'd love to hear from you:

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